A fiesty human wizard, who is the PCs first contact during their first smuggling mission.


====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ====== Aberelle, level 1 Human, Wizard Build: Control Wizard Arcane Implement Mastery: Tome of Readiness Background: Breland (+2 to Insight)

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 10, Con 11, Dex 10, Int 20, Wis 14, Cha 8.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 10, Con 11, Dex 10, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 8.

AC: 15 Fort: 11 Reflex: 16 Will: 15 HP: 21 Surges: 6 Surge Value: 5

TRAINED SKILLS Insight +9, Arcana +10, Dungeoneering +7, History +10, Religion +10

UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics, Bluff -1, Diplomacy -1, Endurance, Heal +2, Intimidate -1, Nature +2, Perception +2, Stealth, Streetwise -1, Thievery, Athletics

FEATS Wizard: Alchemist Human: Expanded Spellbook Level 1: Arcane Reserves

POWERS Bonus At-Will Power: Cloud of Daggers Tome of Readiness: Chill Strike Wizard at-will 1: Thunderwave Wizard at-will 1: Magic Missile Wizard encounter 1: Force Orb Wizard daily 1: Phantom Chasm Wizard daily 1 Spellbook: Grease Wizard daily 1 Spellbook: Flaming Sphere

ITEMS Cloth Armor (Basic Clothing), Adventurer’s Kit, Implement, Tome, Footpads, Alchemist’s Acid (level 1) (2) FORMULAS Alchemist’s Acid, Clearwater Solution, Antivenom


Aberelle is a student at the Morgrave University of Breland. She has nearly finished her degree in arcane conjuring, and for her last term has to do a quarter-year of solo fieldwork, and report on her doings regularly.

She meets the PCs on the road near an abandoned temple of the Sovereign Host that they have been sent to investigate. When asked, she claims that she was in the area because she had heard of crazed animals attacking travellers, and was just looking around the area for a possible cause. Aberelle joins with the PCs, offering her arcane skills in return for exploring with them.

Aberelle was an arcane prodigy, and doesn’t hesitate to tell people so. She can be very stubborn, and refuses to acknowledge when she makes a mistake.


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